Museum quality framing of Paintings, Prints, Documents, Maps and Decorative Objects.

Offering an exceptional selection of contemporary and period reproduction frames that will accommodate your artwork and budget. Styles include decorative finishes in rich burl veneer, gold leaf, colored lacquer, sculptured gesso and carved corners.

Examples of Our Work

Custom Frames

Variety, imagination, care and creativity are what our clients can expect from our framing department. All of our framing is done using materials and techniques that insulate and protect the artwork, historic documents or family photographs from the effects of acid, moisture and light.

Frame Manufacturers include: AMCI, Americas Choice, APF Munn, Hackman, Larson-Juhl, Munn Frameworks, In-Line Ovals and Nurre Caxton.

Our painting and paper conservation department can clean, restore and deacidify acidic works before they are framed.

Call (513) 271-5459 Ext:101 for more information about our conservation framing services and to schedule an appointment with one of our frame design consultants.

Original Frames – Restore or Replace?

An original frame is an important addition to any work of art. Wear on a frame can help to establish its history, and is often integral to the overall value of the painting. Before replacing any antique frame, it is important to have its condition evaluated by a professional conservator. If restoration is not possible, you may want to consider replacing it with a quality period reproduction frame.

When reframing a painting, choose a frame style that is consistent with the period and compatible with the key elements of color and composition.

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