Gilding adds Quality and Value

In the art world, nothing makes a piece stand out more than a gold overlay. Gilding is a decorative process in which gold leaf or dust is applied to a surface. This process can be used on furniture, architectural items, and glass. Although gold is the most commonly used metal in this technique, other metals such as bronze and silver can be used as well. It is important for one to understand how this decorative process works before they commission any work to be done.

The Water Method

Gold and other soft metals can be added to any wooden, plaster, and stone surfaces with the wet method. Although this process is very time consuming, the final result is a professional and high quality finish that cannot be accomplished by any other gilding method.

The Oil Method

Water is not the only way to add a gold finish to a surface. It can also be accomplished using oil. The oil process takes less time to complete. Even though the quality of finish is not as fine as the one that is produced by the water method, it can be used to apply gold to a more diverse range of materials and surfaces for indoor and outdoor projects.

Retouching Previously Finished Surfaces

While it is possible to touch up previously gilded items with a new layer of bronze and gold powder, it is not recommended. This could do more harm than good and cause retreated items to have a lackluster and discolored appearance.

Caring for Gilded Items

Items that are covered in genuine gold can last indefinitely with the right kind of care. The use of water, varnishes, and other substances can seriously mar the beauty of one’s pieces. Dusting the surfaces with a clean and dry brush will help to keep dirt and dust from accumulating. Restoration companies can give your pieces a thorough cleaning, without compromising the integrity and quality of the finish.

The advantages of gilding are abundant. In addition to adding a superior quality finish to materials, it also increases their sentimental, artistic, and financial value.

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