When damage occurs to art, antiques, photographs and historic documents you should seek the advice of an experienced conservator.

A professional conservator can diagnose problems, provide treatment options when necessary, prescribe a maintenance plan and recommend proper display and storage practices to prevent further damage.  Choosing the right conservator to best restore and preserve your treasures can sometimes be complicated and intimidating. Many private conservators provide restoration and conservation services to the general public, as well as to museums and institutions.

You should select a conservator in the same way that you would choose a doctor, lawyer or any other professional. Make sure that the conservator’s training, experience and facility are appropriate for your needs. Don’t hesitate to ask for and check references, see examples of completed projects that are similar to yours and to tour their facility.

Verify that the conservator has established appropriate handling and storage procedures, provides adequate security and the proper insurance to protect your items while in their care.

Ask the conservator if the results of their proposed treatment can be reversed without further damage to the item (which is important) and if they will provide you with written estimates and detailed documentation of all treatments performed. The selection of a conservator depends in part on the type of materials that require treatment.

The restoration and conservation of paintings, ceramics, wooden objects, textiles, metals and paper demands different knowledge, facilities and expertise.

Seek recommendations from museums and galleries in your community. Many museums use the services of conservators to care for items in their collections. Curators of such institutions are usually willing to provide the names and addresses of conservators who have performed conservation treatments.

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