Secrets to Keeping Your Furniture in Good Condition 

Old World Restorations is well-experienced with furniture restoration, but we also want to help you keep your furniture in the best condition possible so that you can continue to enjoy it as long as you can. Learn secrets from the experts and discover how to take great care of your old and new furniture pieces.

Keep Your Furniture Out of Direct Sunlight

Your furniture will look better when you keep it out of direct sunlight, and that’s especially true for your table tops. While your east- and south-facing windows might offer the best sun, they’re also doing the most damage to your furniture. What happens is that the sunlight heats up the windows as it passes through and all of that built up heat is transferred to your furniture where it can cause damage to the finish. The sun’s ultraviolet rays also contribute to the deterioration of your furniture, causing you to need furniture restoration sooner than you actually need to.

Maintain Proper Humidity Levels

Quality furniture is designed to be maintained at a certain humidity percentage, and in the winter the humidity in your home can begin to dip. When this happens, your furniture can start to become damaged since air is being sucked out of the wood. If you’ve noticed that your furniture is cracked, the joints are loose or that the wood looks as though it’s shrinking, then there’s a chance that your home’s humidity levels are off.

Pay Attention to Your Furniture Polish

If you use any furniture polish that gets rid of wax buildup, it could be doing more harm to your furniture than good. The reason for this is that there are abrasives in the chemicals that essentially act like shards of glass as you rub them over your furniture. It’s also best that you stay away from polishes that have silicone in them since they can lead to contamination. Your best bet is to simply use warm water and a mild liquid detergent.


Get in touch with Old World Restoration for more tips about taking care of your furniture, or if you’re in need of professional furniture restoration.

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